Up Close and Personal: John Cicuttin 

As a member of the Region of Waterloo's TDM team, john sees ACT Canada as a key organization to help TDM and sustainable mobility flourish in Canadian Communities. John joined ACT Canada when a previous board member, Jo-Ann Woodhall- the former TDM planner of Region of Waterloo- relinquished her seat. As the Region of Waterloo has been involved with ACT Canada since its inception, it was important for John to continue Jo-Ann's legacy. All of ACT Canada's resources for professionals- the annual Summit, workshop, webinars and on-line resources- contribute to helping people in various professions gain knowledge about sustainable mobility.  Highlighting the need for interdependent relationships between professional disciplines including community planning, public health, transportation planning and engineering, transit planning, and transportation demand management, is one of the many benefits that John sees ACT Canada bringing to the country. The Region of Waterloo has seen the benefits of ACT Canada first hand; helping sustainable transportation and TDM become imperative elements of the Region’s Transportation Master Plan and Corporate Plan. John believes that with participation in, and support of, ACT Canada will continue to help advance sustainable mobility throughout the country

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