Up Close and Personal: Lorenzo Mele 

As a founding member of ACT Canada, Lorenzo saw the need for an organization that championed sustainable mobility and brought awareness to TDM. At the time of ACT Canada’s formation, little was known about TDM practices in the broader transportation planning and engineering fields. However, Lorenzo believed then, and still believes now that it is important to raise awareness of TDM practices and its benefits. Lorenzo believes that ACT Canada’s resources are indispensable to professionals. He also thinks that it is important for the TDM community to share their experiences and approaches on applying sustainable mobility principles, and to collaborate with other fields such as public health. By doing this it will help advance, as well as implement TDM strategies. Lorenzo’s affiliated organization, the Region of Peel, is a proud sponsor of ACT Canada’s yearly summit. ACT Canada is seen as a lead sustainable mobility organization in Canada and the annual conference provides an opportunity for professionals and organizations to showcase their support for the advancement of TDM throughout the country and abroad

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