Up Close and Personal: Ralph Bond 

Ralph’s catalyst for joining ACT Canada was his understanding of how unique and substantial the organization’s contributions were to the community. He also realized that ACT Canada promotes a new and different way of thinking about transportation and sustainable mobility. He was drawn to help the newly formed organization, feeling that his experience with other trade association developments and governance would be beneficial to ACT Canada. Ralph sees the benefit ACT Canada offers not only to TDM professionals, but to related disciplines and politicians. Providing a wide breadth of easily accessible resources allows for a better exchange of new ideas pertaining to transportation planning and sustainable mobility. As such, the value that ACT Canada also offers as a hub for networking and information sharing cannot be understated. Ralph has personally encouraged consultants from his organization, BA Group, to become more involved in ACT Canada. Many of the consultants are eager to participate after seeing what a great forum for learning and information sharing ACT Canada is.  

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