Up Close and Personal: Wayne Chan


Wayne is a dedicated member of the transportation community. As the Sustainable Transportation Manager at the Region of Peel, Wayne saw the importance of having an organization that promotes TDM and all sustainable modes of transportation, as well as linking TDM with health and physical activities since all transit and walk and bike trips include people being active. While there are numerous ways that ACT Canada benefits professionals, facilitating innovation conversations between professionals from across the country and even abroad is key for Wayne. By hosting an annual Summit, ACT Canada fosters a relationship between TDM professionals that otherwise may not have had the opportunity to meet. The Summit also provides an opportunity for delegates to learn from each of their peer' experiences. Wayne's support of ACT Canada's mandate and yearly Summit has encouraged the Region of Peel to sponsor the event for the last few years. In his opinion, the best way to promote innovation and expansion in the sustainable transportation field is by building a diverse network of professionals, which span the country-and that's exactly what ACT Canada is doing. 

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