ACT Canada extends a sincere thank you to all the sponsors, supporters, speakers, moderators, and delegates for contributing to the overwhelming success of the ACT Canada 2016 TDM Summit.

Below are the important documents and presentations from the 2016 TDM Summit in Ottawa.

2016 Summit Documents


2016 Program

Welcome Session - Morning Keynote 

Session 2A - Active Transportation Session

Session 2B - Public Health Session

Lunch Keynote

Session 3A - School Transportation Session

3B - SNAP Sessions

Session 4A - TDM Practice Session

Session 4B - Parking Sessions

Session 5 - Plenary Session - Morning Keynote

Session 6A - TDM Practice Session

Session 6B - Parking Session

Lunch Keynote: Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, CEO of VIA Rail

VIA Rail's Vision for the Future: Developing Innovative and Sustainable Infrastructures to Provide Travellers with a Seamless Experience 

7A - Government in TDM Session

Session 7B - SNAP Session

Session 8A - Multimodal Transportation

8B - TDM and Land Development Session

Session 9 - Health Plenary -  Morning Keynotes 

Session 10A - Autonomous Vehicles & Carsharing Session

Session 10B - Cycling Session

Lunch Keynote 

Session 11A - Business Case/Data Workshop

Session 11B - Public Consultations Session

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