Workplace Travel Plans

ACT Canada is pleased to announce the release of our latest project made possible by Transport Canada’s ecoMOBILITY program. The document Workplace Travel Plans – Guidance for Canadian Employers is now available for download. 

Case for TDM

Across the country TDM practitioners, employers, municipalities and all levels of government are asking for a solid rationale of why TDM is important. Individuals, the public, employers, employees, institutions, municipal governments, politicians and organizations are asking why TDM initiatives should be implemented. Developing a foundation, or a case for TDM, often referred to a business case, is essential for encouraging and supporting TDM within a balanced urban transportation mobility strategy. The Case for TDM provides significant assistance and support to those encouraging, supporting or involved with TDM.

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TDM Supportive Guidelines for Development Approvals

Development applications, site plan reviews and front line contact with developers, landowners and facility mangers is the place to begin to enforce and implement TDM principles. The lack of clear guidelines for incorporating TDM within reviews, approvals or frontline contact is resulting in missed opportunities, creation of infrastructure gaps and is hindering the evolvement of TDM in Canada. The TDM Guidelines for Development Approvals helps increase understanding and focus of these important potential TDM ambassadors.

Building Capacity for TDM in Canada

The purpose of this needs assessment document is to present a synthesis of the input gathered through the workshops and other elements of this project. It summarizes the most important challenges and opportunities facing those working to build capacity for transportation demand management (TDM) in Canada, and recommends a number of priority actions to be undertaken by key stakeholders.

Alternative Transportation Programs in Canada

This document is the result of a research effort conducted to report on existing alternative transportation programs and initiatives in Canada. The purpose of the report is to present information on Canadian alternative transportation programs, initiatives and support services that encourage methods of commuting that reduce vehicle kilometers traveled and promote alternative transportation to the single occupant vehicle.

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