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Twitter is a social media page where users can share their thoughts in 140 characters or less. Similar to instant messaging, small, simple messages can be shared. Links, videos, and images can also be shared. Twitter uses hashtags(#) to group messages into topics and themes. Follow us on Twitter to get our latest news, updates, and shared information.


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Linkedin is a social networking site designed for professionals to connect with a network of other professionals. Linkedin allows users to look for jobs, research companies, network with others, and connect on a professional level. Join our Linkedin group to network with many other TDM Professionals from all over Canada and the world.


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Facebook is a social networking site that is designed to let individuals connect with one another. Facebook allows users to “friend” other members to see and comment on their profile posts and status updates. Users can post photos, videos, links, and news stories to their “wall”. They can also like pages that reflect their interest. Like our Facebook page to see our likes, news, important updates, and comment on our posts.



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Google+ (pronounced Google plus) is a social networking site created by Google to integrate with its other existing services. Google+ allows users to make contacts and add them to preset Circles such as friends, acquaintances, and family. The posts of members of these circles appear on the users' own page, allowing for contact and interaction. Google+ also features Google Hangout, which allows groups of people to video chat with one another. Follow our Google+ page to receive important updates, relevant posts, and other important information.

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YouTube is a site that allows people to post and watch videos. ACT Canada's channel focuses on sharing videos relevant to the interest of TDM Professionals. Come to our YouTube Channel to have access to videos from ACT Canada.

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