2018 Unified Mobility Leadership Summit


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ACT Canada
Unified Mobility Summit 2018

Canada's 1st Unified Mobility Leadership Summit will be held in Toronto from September 16 to 19, 2018, at the Sheraton Hotel.

This special Leadership Summit is focused on what we’re framing as Unified Mobility – a new way to describe the positioning and delivery of integrated, connected and seamless transportation options in your community.

Unified Mobility is sustainable, multimodal, integrated and connected.  It is all about choice and how every individual should be able to choose the best way to get around through the unified delivery of all modes, services, tools and information. It is the foundation for an autonomous future, where ridesharing through carpooling, vanpooling and transit can be dynamically booked, scheduled and paid for all within this unified delivery concept.  Further it integrates and is the aggregator for carsharing, bike sharing, ride-hailing and supportive services like emergency ride home, parking and more.

The Leadership Summit on Unified Mobility in being held in partnership with the Canadian Parking Association’s Annual Conference on Parking:  The Urban Mobility Perspective.   Regardless of the future state of vehicles, whether they are EV, connected, or autonomous – curb-side, short or long term - parking will remain a key feature of a Unified Mobility future. This strategic collaboration sets the stage for thought-provoking discussions on the full circle of transportation in urban and rural communities. 

 Attendance at the Leadership Summit is limited, so register today! 

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